A Sort of Peace: Echoes and Images of the Vietnam War
W.D. Ehrhart & Don Fox

Although the Vietnam War officially ended 30 years ago, its images, lessons and reverberations continue to echo in the art created by those who experienced it firsthand. Now, two Vietnam veterans, despite their different wartime experiences and the different paths they've traveled since, have combined their talents. W. D. Ehrhart, the much-anthologized poet and editor, and photographer Don Fox, a former broadcast journalist, bring their respective visions together for the first time as guest contributors to Today in Literature. Click on the thumbnails below to see each complete work.

For a Coming Extinction
Making the Children Behave
The Way Light Bends
The Invasion of Grenada
How It All Comes Back
The Lotus Picker
The Old Soldiers

W.D. Ehrhart & Don Fox
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February 21, 2018
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