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TinL is proud of the feedback it gets. A quick glance at some of the comments compiled here should tell you what subscribers like about our unique daily service. Further down the page are similar comments from some of our licensees.

I am absolutely addicted to your daily vignettes. In just a few minutes they infuse a huge dose of beauty into my life. Incredible! Fantastic! I could go on with superlative adjectives, but I'll stop here. Thank you very much.
- B. B.

I for one appreciate ALL you do, articles, whole stories, EVERYTHING! It is marvelous!
- C. R.

Keep up the wonderful prose jobs you do daily. So well written, researched with just the right touch of humour and quirk. Luv it!
- Anon

"Today in Literature" is a like a cafe for literati ....... a place to visit each morning for the daily dose/fix of literary espresso ..... it's a wonderful way to start the day! THANK YOU!
- E. B.

I do like seeing how earthbound and venal the iconic writers of the past really were. It makes me laugh and wonder ...
- E. M.

Your work improves the quality of my day every day, and is very much appreciated!
- J. R.

Just want you to know that I have enjoyed your articles IMMENSELY. I'm an OLD English major (long ago) gone wrong. Thanks for getting me back on the right path!
- P. B. W.

Today in Literature is one of the best parts of my day and has sent me off in new reading directions more than a few times. Thanks for all the great work.
- B. P.

I can never fully express my gratitude for the effort that must go into the writing and maintaining of this site. When I read these superb articles, I feel a rush of euphoria--like an inmate on a day-pass. ... "Today In Literature" is FABULOUS.
- S. K.
Client Testimonials
Steve King is a storyteller so engaging that you will be transported immediately from the page to the moment - where he puts you right in the midst of living, breathing history. He offers a unique way of exploring the world's great authors and literature that should appeal to almost anyone.
- Blackwell's Online

We are pleased to provide Today in Literature to visitors to our web site. The content is informative, well written and a good match to library collections and book lovers' interests.
- Toronto Public Library

Today in Literature is the most refreshing approach to the world of reading that I know…. It hand-sells literature with the kind of dynamism that turns non-readers into readers and readers into English majors - what more can any library or bookstore ask?
- Between the Lines Bookshop

Today in Literature is a short, sweet but eminently informative daily dose of facts and thoughts about great books. I'm almost always surprised and enlightened. . . .
- Laura Miller, Salon.com

In just a few minutes of radio, Steve King turns literature into life, makes revered writers real people and presents ideas and insights that help put aside the bad memories of Literature101….
- Alan Guettel, CBC Radio

The stories in Today in Literature are succinct, witty and smart. They make the history of literature both entertaining and informative. . . .
- Daniel Richler, BookTelevision
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March 18, 2018
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