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Welcome to Today in Literature, the web's critically acclaimed online publication about the great writers, books, and events in literary history. We are on many "best of the net" lists, and featured as site of the day/week by Yahoo, USA Today, RefDesk and many others. Please take a minute to read some feedback from a few of our clients.

Our affordably-priced services are based on size and type of use. Most of our clients pay $75-150/year. While custom arrangements are possible, most clients chose either a Site License or Content Syndication:

A Site License provides your faculty, students or patrons with comprehensive access to our resources ...

  • classroom usage of all TinL content
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  • great value compared to the high cost of textbooks

Content Syndication

Give people a reason to visit you daily, and an enhancement to those who just drop by your site. We can automatically post fresh literary content to your web-site every day

  • a brief summary of the TinL daily story
  • a literary quotation of the day
  • our "text of the day"

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...I shout out some of the day's highlights to my colleagues -- "Wow, today Jane Austen finished writing Emma!" or "Happy Birthday, Eudora Welty!"
I often enter my classroom and announce to my students, "Did you know that on this day in literature...!"

Your postings are mini lessons for me as well. I love the history of literature, and your presentations are remarkable, delightful, and informative....

March 18, 2018
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