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A range of guest contributors are represented at TinL - poets, photographers, illustrators, literary historians and journalists - and soon we will be adding a new series, "TinL International," featuring reports on the contemporary literary scene around the world. Please click here for more information on becoming a TinL guest contributor.

Our present contributors:

Gary Baldridge — A literary journalist, Gary has contributed a number of ‘on-this-day’ articles.
W. D. Ehrhart & Don Fox — Both Bill Ehrhart and Don Fox were in Vietnam; their photo-poetry collaboration, which originally ran on the 30th anniversary of the American pull-out, shows it.
James Harms — Sample poetry from some of his recent collections.
G. Miki Hayden — An award-winning mystery writer and literary journalist, Miki files occasional reports for TinL on the book trade.
Paul Mariani — Sample poetry from recent and upcoming collections.
Barry Moser — View a gallery of images from Barry’s Pennyroyal Bible, accompanied by excerpts from his interviews and essays.
Maureen E. Mulvihill — A literary scholar and Brooklynite looks at James Agee's Brooklyn Is, with contemporary photos by NYC photographer June Harrison.
Sebastian Peake — The son of Mervyn Peake has contributed family photos and artwork from his father’s books
Colin Wilson — Read an excerpt from this work-in-progress by one of England’s original Angry Young Men.
March 18, 2018
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The TinL masthead features photography by Natasha D'Schommer , and the book art featured is by Jim Rosenau.
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