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Picture of Henry Miller, author of Tropic of Cancer; twentieth century American Literature
Henry Miller   (1891 - 1980)
Category:  American Literature
Born:  December 26, 1891
New York City, New York, United States
Died:  June 7, 1980
Pacific Palisades, California, United States
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Anais Nin, Charles Bukowski, Iris Murdoch, Lawrence Durrell, Saul Bellow
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Henry Miller - LIFE STORIES
2/15/1986     Henry Miller's "Gob of Spit"
On this day in 1986 the original manuscript of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer was auctioned for $165,000, setting a record price for a 20th century American literary manuscript. The record has been smashed repeatedly now, but the sale stands as a vindication of Miller's "gob of spit in the face of Art," and middle-class America.
6/7/1977     Nin, Miller, Venus
On this day in 1977, Anais Nin's Delta of Venus was posthumously published; also on this day in 1980, Henry Miller died. Delta of Venus was originally written as Nin's contribution to the dollar-a-page pornography that she, Miller and others contracted to write for an anonymous client in the 1940s, although Miller soon gave the job up. His Venus came later -- less posthumous, and about as real.
6/22/1964     Tropic of Cancer & the SLAPS test
On this day in 1964 the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that found Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer to be obscene. This landmark decision came three years after the book's first publication in America, thirty years since its publication in Europe, and a hundred years since Comstock began to patrol the mails for such "vampire literature."
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Conversations With Henry Miller
by Frank L. Kersnowski (Editor), Alice Hughes (Editor), Henry Miller
Henry Miller on Writing
by Henry Miller, Thomas H. Moore (Editor)
Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
anthology, essays
The Henry Miller Reader
by Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell (Editor)
anthology, essays
Time of the Assassins a Study of Rimbaud
literary criticism
Tropic of Cancer
autobiographical fiction
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Henry Miller: A Life
by Robert Ferguson
The End of Obscenity: the Trials of 'Lady Chatterley', 'Tropic of Cancer' and 'Fanny Hill'
by Charles Rembar
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"The Reality of Henry Miller" by Kenneth Rexroth
An essay which examines Miller's place in literary history. First published in the introduction to Miller's Nights of Love and Laughter (Signet, 1955).

"There aren't many people like Miller in all literature. The only ones I can think of are Petronius, Casanova, and Restif. They all tried to be absolutely honest. Their books give an overwhelming feeling of being true, the real thing, completely uncooked. They are all intensely masculine writers. They are all great comic writers. They all convey, in every case very powerfully, a constant sense of the utter tragedy of life."
Art and Culture
A brief biography examining Miller's life and reception by his peers.

"The poet Karl Shapiro, in his introduction to the 1961 American publication of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer, said, 'Morally I regard Miller as a holy man ... Gandhi with a penis.'"
Henry Miller Remembered - American Legends Interview
A short interview in which Miller's lawyer, First Amendment scholar Elmer Gertz, argues against the charges that Miller was sexist and anti-semetic.

"True, Miller's parents were anti-Semitic Germans, but Miller outgrew their prejudices. In time many of his friends and associates were Jewish, and he came to love Jewish cantoral music. He admired Isaac Bashevis Singer more than any other American writer, and they were close friends. Even when he was a very poor man, Miller was not a proletarian. He disliked all political and social labels."
Henry Miller, American Author
Find essays by Miller on literature and his influences (a lengthy list which includes Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, Dostoevsky, Dreiser, Lawrence, Joyce, Proust, Carroll, and Rimbaud), as well as book reviews and literary criticism and analysis. A bibliography and links are also provided.

"Where were the subjects which made seek the authors I love, which permitted me to be influenced, which formed my style, my character, my approach to life? Broadly these: the love of life itself, the pursuit of truth, wisdom and understanding, mystery, the power of language, the antiquity and the glory of man, eternality, the purpose of existence, the oneness of everything, self-liberation, the brotherhood of man, the meaning of love, the relation of sex to love, the enjoyment of sex, humor, oddities and eccentricities in all life's aspects, travel, adventure, discovery, prophecy, magic (white and black) art, games, confessions, revelations, mysticism, more particularly the mystics themselves, the varieties of faith and worship, the marvelous in all realms and under all aspects, for 'there is only the marvelous and nothing but the marvelous.'"
Features a short biography and artwork. A list of Miller's exhibitions may be found at the Henry Miller Museum of Art.

"'When I write, I work,' Miller said, 'but when I paint, I play.' His paintings are filled with childlike images full of play and color. Some have called his paintings 'picture stories' but, unlike is writings, there is no message. Henry the writer wrote passionately about everything, but Henry the painter traded his pencils for brushes and used colors and shapes instead of words and sentences. With his writer's mind at rest, his artist's spirit soared and he dared do what most only dream to do--to try to be a free as a child."
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February 20, 2018
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