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May 19 Boswell and Good [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1795 James Boswell died, aged fifty-four. Even without his two-decade relationship to Samuel Johnson and the famous books which came from it, Boswell would have a secure place in literary history. This is due to the remarkable stash of journals, letters and personal papers which he kept, and which friends, relatives and negligence kept from the world for over a century.
May 18 The Christopher Marlowe Case [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1593 a warrant was issued for the arrest of twenty-nine-year-old Christopher Marlowe on charges of spreading "blasphemous and damnable opinions"; the day before his court appearance he was killed in a drunken brawl in Deptford, a dagger through his eye. Kit Marlowe's life and high times continue to fascinate, if a handful of recent books and movies and Angelina Jolie's sub-navel tattoo are any measure.
May 17 "The Genius They Forgot" [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1873 Dorothy Richardson was born. Pilgrimage, Richardson's twenty-year experimental novel, began appearing in 1915 -- at about the time Joyce, Proust and Woolf were engaged in similar experiments. While Richardson may or may not be "the genius they forgot" (the subtitle of one biography), her writing was the first to be described as "stream of consciousness," and her life is every bit as remarkable as those more famous and remembered.

March 18, 2018
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