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February 13 "So It Goes" [premium membership required]
  On the evening of this day in 1945, British and U.S. planes began the 48-hour bombing of Dresden, Germany. Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five is the most famous fictional record of what resulted -- a firestorm that destroyed 85% of the city and killed 135,000 people. Vonnegut "got about five dollars for each corpse," he said, and a life-long desire to prevent such things from ever happening again.
February 12 Lincoln and Sandburg [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born, and on this day in 1926 Carl Sandburg's two-volume biography, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years was published. Sandburg researched, wrote and talked about Lincoln his entire life, and he clearly felt not only a cornhusker's affinity with the man but a poet's mission with the book.
February 11 Mrs. Rossetti & the Pre-Raphaelites [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1862 Elizabeth Siddal died at the age of thirty-two, almost certainly a suicide. Husband Dante Gabriel Rossetti was stirred by grief, guilt and his romantic temperament to the last-minute gesture of placing the only copies of many of his poems in his wife's coffin; seven years later, in one of the most notorious second-thoughts of love and literature, Rossetti retrieved and published the poems.

March 18, 2018
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