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March 30 Sean O'Casey's Ireland
  On this day in 1880 Sean O'Casey was born, in the working-class ghettos of Dublin that he would later make famous in such plays as The Plough and the Stars. O'Casey's six-volume autobiography is less-known, but Frank McCourt, who would cover the same sort of ground a half-century later, thought its realism a revelation and a welcome change to the Irish writers who "go on about farms and fairies and the mist that do be on the bog."
March 29 Austen, Emma, and the Prince
  On this day in 1815, Jane Austen completed Emma, the last of her novels to appear in her lifetime. That it appeared with a dedication to the Prince Regent, a person whose debauched lifestyle Austen had condemned, and a type she would normally satirize, is a story that might itself have stepped from one of her books -- all of them written by "laughing at myself or other people."
March 28 James Dickey and Deliverance
  On this day in 1970, James Dickey's Deliverance was published. Although praised primarily as a poet -- thirty collections by the time of his death in 1997 -- Dickey's tale of four suburb-dwellers on a manly descent into camping nightmare is described as "an allegory of fear and survival" and "a Heart of Darkness for our time" by the critics; son Christopher describes it as the beginning of the end for Dickey himself.

March 30, 2017
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