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August 20 Milton, Ackroyd, Paradise Lost
  On this day in 1667, John Milton's Paradise Lost was entered in the Stationers' Register. The fifty-eight-year-old Milton was totally blind, probably from glaucoma, throughout the decade it took to write Paradise Lost; his habit was to compose at night and then present himself to a scribe each morning to be, as he put it, "milked."
August 19 At Home With the Ring Lardners
  On this day in 1915 Ring Lardner Jr. was born. Though Lardner's adult fame was earned -- screenplay Oscars for Woman of the Year (1942) and M*A*S*H (1970), the novel The Ecstasy of Owen Muir (1954); blacklisting as one of McCarthy's "Hollywood Ten" -- he met the public early, often and hilariously in his father's daily column, usually as "Bill."
August 18 Balzac - Life as Fiction
  On this day in 1850 Honore de Balzac died, at the age of fifty-one. Balzac's last months were as tumultuous as all the others, and as brimming with life as anything in his seventeen-volume Human Comedy. Balzac believed that such adventures and appetites finally killed him, his finite store of vital fluid having been used up.

August 20, 2017
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