Advertising on Today in Literature

Why you should advertise with Today in Literature:

We have many pages with daily page views of 1,000-14,000.

Our audience is comprised of all age groups, but is most heavily weighted to a very literate group of age 40+.

Organic traffic that has been developed over the last decade. As of this year we have started to branch out into social media through daily use of Facebook and Twitter.

Highest referrals to our site are our loyal followers that have us bookmarked or come in via direct entry to read site founder and primary writer Steve King's stories.

We have many high traffic locations on our site to choose from. We can fit most budgets and needs.

Please contact Paul Arellano for more information about our different advertising options.

March 18, 2018
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The TinL masthead features photography by Natasha D'Schommer , and the book art featured is by Jim Rosenau.
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